Internal Analysis Mtv Essays

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CBL Case 2
Michiel Kemper
Tutor: R. Dikkeboom

Core issue:
Internal Analysis

Problem statement:
How can MTV optimise their value chain in order to stay competitive?

Learning goals:
1.What is an internal analysis?
2.What internal analysis models are there?
3.Apply on MTV
4.What is a business model?
5.What is MTV’s current business model?
6.What is a value chain?
7.What is MTV’s value chain?
8.What is the target group of MTV?

1.What is an internal analysis?
The goal of an internal analysis is to identify the strength and weaknesses of an organization. An internal analysis also focuses on reviewing the resources, capabilities, and competencies of a company. It gives managers a very specific look on what
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- MTV really adapt their different formats to the people that are looking. The language is natively spoken and people like that because the meaning of the programmers is easier to get.
- Their collaboration with mobile providers to be first on the mobile phone market with MTV Mobile. They also started their own service named MTV Mobile and they try to reach their consumers with this new medium.
- Their digital music distribution service offers a lot of opportunities to their customers and they can download music.
- They are market leader as a music channel and so they don’t have to deal with competitors too much (MTV: business model dillema, 2007) (25 Years Down the Tube, 2006).

- MTV is not really attractive for people that are over 30 years old.
- Consumers go to YouTube when they want to see upcoming artists.
- As we look to reality television there is a lot of competition from other channels.
- A lot of people don’t like MTV anymore because they are mainly showing reality and people also want to still see music videos on a music channel. Younger audiences are mainly looking at things on the internet and the medium television is slipping away so MTV has to make something to entertain their younger audiences.
- MTV doesn’t have a real mission and vision and this is causing problems because now they don’t know what they really want.
- MTV doesn’t offer a lot of

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