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The intern teacher is able to design developmentally appropriate instruction with guidance from the mentor teacher. During instruction the intern is able to effectively implement lessons and additionally employ various instructional research based strategies. By focusing on providing multiple positive, appropriate, and challenging experiences the intern is able to provide instruction for varying student learners.

The intern teacher adapts instruction for individual needs within the classroom. Particularly a special education background the teacher makes sure to support all students and includes them within their learning. The intern teacher provides instruction incorporating various grouping patterns and employing the different learning modalities, as well as learners strengths.
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The intern has worked well with several general adjudication teachers, interventionists, and special-education teachers in order to develop plans to help students make progress towards their goals the intern has also worked with yourself from parents and effectively created and implemented plans for their students to be successful.


The intern has been highly proficient in communicating with students and staff then turn is handled herself very well when interacting with the Lanigan Elementary School staff. The intern is always positive and always looks for the best in each situation. Then turn it also been able to explain different special education policies and philosophies to teachers in order to assist, advance, and support all students. Students and staff are able to relate to the intern and with that she has gained their respect.


Intern displays proficiency in all professional disposition areas. The intern shows Drive, passion, and professionalism toward her future career and has been an asset to the Lanigan Elementary School team. The intern is able to consistently exhibit ethical practices and behavior throughout her internship at Lanigan Elementary

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