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Why does almost no one cycle in Birmingham?

Executive Summary
A basic summary of the content of the report. (Inleiding)

Contents page
In correct format with clear subdivisions and corresponding page numbers (inhoudsopgave) Executive Summary 2 Contents page 2 The overall purpose of the research 3 The specific aim of the research 4 The research questions 5 Key sources for secondary research, the literature review 6 The overall primary research approach / strategy 8 Primary Data Collection Methods to be used 10 Sampling / choice of subject 10 How the data will be analysed once it is collected 10 Research Considerations 10 Summary 10 References & Bibliography 10

The overall purpose of the research
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At last the study should clarify the internal and external influences on cycling in general. How does the weather situation effect cycling?

The specific aim of the research
This is where you identify your question, it should be clear and well defined, you need to think very carefully about your choice of words.

The aim of the research is finding out why the citizens of Birmingham rarely choose cycling as a way of transport. The obsession of health and environment nowadays in combination with transport is a wide question. To keep the research clear and to the point I identified the following research question:

Why does no one cycle in Birmingham ?

Analyzing the question: * No one: means nobody and after thinking thoroughly about that, I found it not to be correct. There are in fact some people in Birmingham who cycle. Therefore I changed my question into: Why does almost no one cycle in Birmingham? * What is de definition of Cycling. What kind of cycling do I aim at in this question? Is it urban cycling or recreational cycling or even mountain biking? With cycling I mean urban cycling as a way of daily transport. * I chose Birmingham for my research because it is my new hometown.

After doing this research it should be clear why the people in Birmingham don’t cycle often. And with the answer to that question, it might be easier to grab the bull by the horns if wanting to increase urban cycling in Birmingham.

The research

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