Intercultural Communication : Understanding Communication Essay

1282 Words Sep 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Name: Zainab Adediran
Course Name: Organizational Communication (HRMN 302)
Topic: Intercultural Communication
Date: September 11, 2016.

Part 1: Intercultural Communication
The following summarizes the result of the INCA survey that I took:
Communicative Awareness: I had seven points here which denotes that my communicative awareness level is intermediate. Despite the fact that I was rated to have an intermediate level of communicative awareness, personally I think that I have a full level of communicative awareness because most of the time, I am very alert to the ways in which I interact with people especially those with a different cultural background than mine. I pay close attention to what I say, the gestures I make just to avoid miscommunication and increase productive relationships.
Knowledge Discovery: I had six points in knowledge discovery which also means that my knowledge discovery level is intermediate. I particularly agree with these results because at times, I do not seek enough information about specific situations as I ought to. This bothers me a lot as I know that according to Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power”.
Respect for otherness: I had six points here which indicated an intermediate level for my respect for otherness. As much as it is to respect others and what they believe in, At certain times, I have noticed that I get biased when it comes to being open to some beliefs and cultures, I have often wondered why certain people belief in something…

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