Intercultural Communication : Understanding Communication Essay examples

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Understanding Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication primarily focuses on how people from differing cultures, background, beliefs and/or communities communicate across different cultures

When attempting to further understand communication across cultures, it is important to understand that cultural differences stem not only from different languages being spoken or individual origins being different of ones own birth country or region; cultural differences can appear from those whom live in the same region or city but come from a different social group. Let use the example of a senior citizen and a teenager, these two individuals typically come from different social groups and tend to typically communicate differently. In the school setting, one can expect communication to take place between colleagues, teachers and students and of course between parents and teachers.
Education relies on effective interaction between the teacher and the student.
Intercultural communication has become increasingly important as our schools are becoming more diverse culturally at a steady rate.

Roux (2002), argues that successful educators are effective communicators and thus culturally competent in cross-cultural encounters.

In the classroom, communication ought to be seen as a source to gauge intercultural knowledge. Not only to better understand students, but used as an aide to enrich student experience between culturally diverse students. This can only be done if…

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