Interactions Between The West, Latin America, And Asia Essay

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Interactions between the West, Latin America, and Asia
The first industrial societies of the world began in the West which consisted of North America and most of Western Europe. These societies needed abundant raw materials and new markets to fuel their industrialization. The West turned to the preindustrial societies of Latin America and Asia to fulfill this need. The West used their tools, technologies, financial influence, and transportation networks to acquire natural resources from Latin America and Asia. The greed of industrialization brought unique political and economic interactions between the West, Latin America and Asia that lead to dramatic changes in their economic infrastructure.
The West first set its eyes upon Asia to fuel its industrial machine. During the 1800s, China was an agrarian society filled with untapped resources. Great Britain was aware of China’s resources and wanted to open the country to trade. China considered itself self-sustaining and therefore had little desire in trade with Europe. The emperor restricted trade to the Guangzhou city harbor and imposed many restrictions on European merchants. Seeking to increase profits European merchants promoted the illegal trade of opium. The opium trade caused huge economic and social problems for China. Large quantities of silver bullion were leaving China in exchange for perishable products. Chinese officials began to crack down on the illicit trade. Outraged by the Chinese action, British merchants…

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