Essay on Inter Relationship of Economic, Political and Legal Systems

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ACCA Paper F4
Corporate and Business Law
For exams in 2010

ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law

ExPedite Notes

Chapter 1

Economic, Political and Legal Systems

The examiner has stated that in the exam, you may be required to:
    

Explain the inter-relationship of economic and political and legal systems (application level). Explain the doctrine of the separation of powers and its impact on the legal system (application level). Differentiate between different types and
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ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law

ExPedite Notes

declaration does not invalidate the legislation in question and any action to remedy the conflict must be undertaken by the legislature. The legislature at any time could simply choose to leave the international body. In all circumstances, international laws only bind domestic legislatures to the extent that the domestic legislature chooses to allow it.

The Executive This institution, as its name suggests is the one which executes the law, ie carries it into effect. Depending on the country concerned, the legislature may include the following offices:       King/ Queen/ President Prime minister/ premier The ministers within a government acting within their proper

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