Intentional Learning Experience

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Everyone has his or own way of learning. I once define learning as gaining knowledge from being taught by someone with experience. After enrolling into Personal Dimensions of Education (EXP 105), and begin reading Dr. Christine Johnston book, “Intentional Learning for College Success,” it showed me a different outlook on learning. She defines learning as, “whether in a classroom, the real world, or online, involves you taking in the world around you and connecting to what you are experiencing.” (Intentional Learning for College Success, 2013, p.6). Before taking this class, I always thought of learning only happening in the classroom. Now I have an open mind about learning. There is no limit to how much you should learn. The world as we see it now is ever changing, and Dr. Johnston definition of learning opens my mind up, as well as prepare me to use and connect learning in every situation around me. As students in EXP 105, we were required to take an assessment called Learning Connections Inventory …show more content…
I would ask myself over and over again what can a class teacher me about learning. A lot! I was nervous, scared, excited, but more so scared. I did not think I would make it pass the second week of class. I have tried online classes or learning before, and I was not successful. I am grateful that Ashford University requires for their student to take this class. This class has given me the confidence I need to finish. I have learned from my peers from though their feedback; they have also been where I have been with some learning difficult situation. It made my heart smile knowing I was not alone and my classmates could relate. The instructor was very positive, not afraid to push to bring out greatness, and very supported. I enjoyed this class, the classmates, and instructor. I wish everyone could experience this class not only in education setting, but in relationships and work environments

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