Natural Selection Vs Intelligent Design

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The reason for the creation and evolution of all things is still show that baffles scientist and philosophers around the world. Questions are asked in the end yet only a selected few are answered furthermore even if the answer is clear; it only widens the space for new questions to surface. Some scientist and philosopher believe in the widely popular idea of Natural Selection. This idea originated from the scientist Charles Darwin. The idea of Natural Selection stems from the belief that those with a more dominant characteristics, or features, that help them strive in the wilderness tend to leave these traits behind for the next generation; while the characteristics that causes the survival rate to drop will die out. Another method in which …show more content…
Even though together both beliefs are not as widely accepted and popular as Natural Selection, they still hold true to their values views in the evolution of creations. Within the last 10 years people have been increasingly doubting Darwin’s ideas and turning toward Intelligent Design. The strong point of Natural Selection was that it contain both religious evidence as well as Scientific evidence thus it was able to satisfy both side of society; but because it contain religion as one of its base, in the current age the usage of religion cannot be used to provide solid evidence to satisfy the thirsts of humanity. Thus, the popularity of Intelligent Design continues to rise, since this theory partakes in mainly science it is able to provide a more solid proof to explain the unexplainable questions concerning evolution. Actions have already been taken as certain states begin to include the subject of Intelligent Design into their school curriculum and having teachers question the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin. The rising popularity of Creationism can be mainly seen in the religious sectors of America. The reason for this is because of its deep connection to the Bible and the word of God. Having based their entire belief through the book of Genesis, Creationist focuses their studies on the further development to prove their theories. Their theory: that God created all things and thus is the person that causes the evolution of creations. The idea can be fairly similar concerning the teaching s of Christianity and Catholicism, thus gaining its popularity in the religious sectors of

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