Essay about Intelligence Test Of The International High Iq Society

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Intelligence is an aspect of life that scientist have been trying to test, measure, and define ever since it originated. Different theories of intelligence originated in the early 1900’s soon after the first modern intelligence test appeared (Feist & Rosenberg, 2012). With different theories came different forms of intelligence test. I have taken three different intelligence tests myself, to compare and contrast each type, as well as evaluate their validity. The first intelligence test I took was the Pro Certified IQ test of the International High IQ society (International High IQ Society, 2014). This test was a timed test composed of eight pattern identification questions. The test showed you eight different objects and you had to select the ninth object, from a group of options, based on the pattern in the first eight objects. The second intelligence test I took was on This was a timed true or false test with 38 questions, covering a range of math, general knowledge, logic, short term memory, and speed (Autumn Group, 2014). The third test I took was a multiple intelligences test. This test was different from the rest, in that it had you rate how much each statement described you, while the first two test had you solving or answering problems. My scores were fairly close on the first and second intelligence test, with a slightly higher score on the first test. The third intelligence test did not have a numerical score, but it had a comparison of how intelligent…

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