Essay about Intelligence, Policing, And Crime

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Intelligence-led policing is a policing model that has transformed the way police conduct operations when dealing with citizens and criminals. “Intelligence-led policing aims to achieve crime reduction and prevention and to disrupt offender activity, it combines crime analysis and criminal intelligence into crime intelligence and focuses enforcement activities on prolific and serious offenders.” (Ratcliffe, 2008, p.87) “Intelligence-led policing is crime fighting that is guided by effective intelligence gathering and analysis- and has the potential to be the most important law enforcement innovation of the twenty-first century.” (Kelling, and Bratton, 2006, p.6)
Intelligence-led policing began in the 1990’s mainly in the United Kingdom, but it also started in the United States around the same time. During this time period there was not a lot of outer-agency communication between departments and crime trends, and information was not shared between departments of different jurisdictions. September 11th 2001 changed a lot of this thinking, which was the same time intelligence-led policing was getting started, but September 11th proved an even greater need for all law enforcement agencies to communicate with each other about crime trends and intelligence that was gathered. Ratcliffe (2003) says there are four elements that intelligence-led policing concentrates on: targeting offenders (especially the targeting of active criminals through covert means), the management of crime…

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