Essay on Intelligence Is The Most Powerful Asset On The Earth

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Homeland security is a large task that many have chosen to either give their lives accomplishing or spending a large portion of their career performing their duties to ensure the security of our borders. Before we can engage the target, we must obtain the information necessary to be accurate on our attack. Without the necessary information we will be attacking a barn full of horses and goats. That is misuse of assets and time that could have been utilized neutralizing the threat if the proper information was provided.
Intelligence is the most powerful asset on the Earth. Information can enable many things from building a bomb, locating a person, to hotwiring a car. This is the reason that Homeland Security has dived so deep in the intelligence pool. This is to ensure that the most accurate and up to date information is being gathered and flowing freely between local agencies and government agencies.
Intelligence analyst are normally depicted as 007, a super-secret agent spy, or batman. This is typically not the case and their lives are not as exciting as Hollywood loves to depict them. Their lives are much more common to the average person. Information flows on a day to day basis and their duty day is conducted following the same routine. The difference is the weight of their normal routine and the importance of the information that they are handling. Unfortunately, mistakes are something that could endanger the lives of civilians, law enforcement, private sectors, and…

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