Intelligence Is The Lifetime Intellectual Achievement Essay

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1. Intelligence relates to the way one naturally learns, reasons, problem solves and uses wisdom. Wisdom being when and where to use the knowledge you have. Intelligence is measured by the capacity at which one can do the things listed prior. Intelligence is cognitive behavior. This concept can be explained by looking at the IQ test, they aren’t test, it measures our experiences and knowledge and problem solving. So, if an IQ test measures intelligence then this is what intelligence can be defined as to me.
2. There are two types of intelligence fluid and crystalized. Fluid can be defined as the someone’s ability to solve new problems and use logic in new situations. Crystallized intelligence has nothing to do with memory but it’s the ability to use skills, knowledge and experience that someone has. Fluid is not reliant on any knowledge from your past it is the necessary things used for all logical problem solving. Crystallized is the lifetime intellectual achievement this intelligence can improve as you get older.
3. Parallel Processing is the brain’s ability to make sense of several different incoming stimuli at the same time. This isn’t multi-tasking. An example of this would be when we drive at the same time our brain is taking in what we hear, see, smell etc and processing it which helps us safely get to wherever we are going. Sequential processing is how our brain takes in, stores, processes and uses things in a sequential or orderly way. It is how we understand…

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