Intelligence Between Intelligence And Intelligence Essay

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After the attacks of September 11, 2001, it became abundantly clear that the United States government had to seriously rethink and redesign intelligence in regards to homeland security. Intelligence makes up a giant portion of homeland security. There are many elements that comprise the intelligence community. These elements include local law-enforcement, state level law enforcement, and federal law enforcement. It is imperative that all elements of intelligence are utilized. It is also imperative that all of these elements share their collected intelligence. The abilities of each element are greatly improved when they are able to come together to share information. While the capabilities of intelligence in supporting homeland security efforts are great, they do have their limitations.
Elements of Intelligence The elements of intelligence range from local and tribal law enforcement to federal agencies which make up the different levels of intelligence within the United States government. Intelligence is both collected and used at every one of these levels. Local and tribal law enforcement are at the bottom of the chain but are among the most important. State law enforcement, with its regular policing and special divisions, makes up the next level of the intelligence community. At the top level is federal law enforcement, security, and intelligence agencies. Each of these levels have their own different attributes which when combined, create an open flow of intelligence…

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