Intelligence And The Measurement Of Intelligence Essay

1444 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
James R Flynn and Kevin Warwick both write their works centered around one controversial topic: intelligence and the measurement of intelligence. Both authors argue that intelligence can be manifested in different areas instead of in a single one: Warwick presents and explains the idea of different dimensions of intelligence and Flynn builds upon a specific catalyst of the variance in intelligence. Although both authors reach the same conclusion that intelligence can take different forms, they approach the topic with different reasonings and support. Warwick explains the multidimensionality of intelligence from a scientific point of view while Flynn explains the differences in intelligence with an emphasis on the impact of the societal environment. As both authors agree that the standard or definition of intelligence is not universal, they also help each other’s argument that universal intelligence tests are dysfunctional. Although Flynn’s argument on intelligence and the measure of it ends there, Warwick does continue to suggest one definition of intelligence. In 2000, Warwick presented his argument that intelligence is not found in a single dimension but rather in multiple dimensions with his reasoning derived from the a slightly scientific argument that physical abilities define performance. Warwick argues that the different dimensions of intelligence are due to the inherent intelligence and resultant intelligence of individuals. Inherent intelligence is described as…

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