Intelligence Analysis : The Intelligence Essay example

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Intelligence analysis?is the process of taking known information about situations and bodies of strategic, operational, or tactical importance, characterizing the known, and, with appropriate statements of probability, the future actions in those situations and by those entities (Richards, 2010).?The descriptions are drawn from what may only be available in the form of deliberately misleading information; the?analyst?must correlate the similarities among deceptions and extract a common truth. Although its practice is found in its perfect inside national?intelligence agencies, its methods are also applicable in fields such as business intelligence?or?competitive intelligence.
According to Heuer (1999), intelligence analysis is a way of reducing the ambiguity of highly ambiguous situations, which sometimes very deliberately created by highly intelligent people with mindsets very different from the analyst 's. This can be also seen in Johnston?s text, Analytic Culture in the U.S. Intelligence Community, which he wrote that since intelligence analysis continues to be tradecraft, it still remains a mystery. The quality of any tradecraft depends on the intellectual capabilities of the individual and the good fortune one has in finding a mentor who has discovered over several years of trial and error that unique methods seem to be effective. This process of trial and error is, in general, similar to any scientific process, except that the lessons learned in tradecraft, unlike…

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