Intellectual Property Is The Distinctive Creativity Thought Up By An Individual Mind

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Intellectual property is the distinctive creativity thought up by an individual mind. If you write a book, play, movie, song, etc. this would be considered your intellectual property that no one else could duplicate as long as you are quick enough to copyright, trademark, or patent it (WIPO, n.d.). An example of intellectual property could be as simple as all of us writing about the same topic for this discussion, but all of our answers will be slightly different because we are all unique. If this were for a book, we would want to copyright our intellectual property so that anyone reading this could not steal our work.
There are three tools used to protect anything that you might design. Starting with copyrights, this is what protects any writings one may compose (books, lyrics, movies, etc.). We are all very familiar with copyrights, as this is why we are required to cite all of our work for written assignments. If we do not cite our work, another term for plagiarism is copyright infringement, and this is what protects the original author of the work from having it used without permission or stolen. To apply for a copyright one must either file online or via mailed in paper application, and there is a fee to apply. This is not a quick process either- for e-filing it can take up to 8 months to receive any type of yes or no answer from the government, and for paper forms that have been mailed up to 14 months (, n.d.). It is also important to look up…

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