Essay Intellectual Disability : An Individual

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Intellectual disability is a term that is used when a person has definite boundaries in cognitive functioning and skills, in conjunction with communication, social and self-care skills. However, before getting to the concept of intellectual disability more ahead we should understand the perception of disability itself. Disability is an individual execution, which contains physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual mental illness impairments, and several types of chronic diseases. Intellectual disability was once called metal retardation, which is represented by below average intelligence and deficiency of skills compulsory for day-to-day living. Intellectual disability comprehends several forms of cognitive deficiencies that limit an individual’s aptitude to gain skills and live independently. Due to these limitations the children can develop and learn more slowly or differently than a typically developing child. Intellectual can happen any time before a child turns 18 years old or even before birth. Over the past years, living with intellectual disabilities the people has faced neglect, abuse, segregation, and has lived in inaccessibility from the society. They are denied their rights to assimilate with the community. People living with this form of disability encounter challenges in their daily lives regardless of their age, race or religion. It is imperative to understand that people with intellectual disability are also human; therefore…

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