Essay on Intellectual Capital And Social Capital

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It takes a certain attitude, outlook to be a global leader. A global leader often needs to not only work with a different cultural viewpoint from their own, they also need to live in a different country and be surrounded by an unfamiliar culture. Making it Overseas gives a set of attributes the authors feel is necessary to live, work, and thrive while working abroad. The authors also provide a sample test so readers can evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses in the context of global leadership (Javidan, Teagarden, Bowen, 2010).
Javidan, Teagarden, and Bowen lay out their template for effective global leadership into three categories and each category is broken down further by skills that are needed to achieve each attribute. I will discuss the skills throughout this paper, the three main attributes are: Intellectual Capital, Psychological Capital and Social Capital (Javidan, Teagarden, Bowen, 2010, p. 3-4).
Intellectual Capital is a person’s ability to understand how business is conducted globally as well as general knowledge of the culture in where the person would have to work and live. The authors illustrate the lack of Intellectual Capital with the example of Alan, a man sent to lead a team in China. Alan only knew the most general facts about Chinese culture and the behavior therein (Javidan, Teagarden, Bowen, 2010, p. 1-2, 3-4).
Alan didn 't realize that the business culture of the country was not exactly like the over arching collectivist mindset. If he had…

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