Integrity And Integrity

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Dworkin’s meaning to integrity pertains to judicial decisions by judges on any case, that is, how to use precedent and techniques to determine the outcome of trials. Integrity as a tool, is used for judicial decisions, based of of communal moral standards- starving for a concept of fairness and equality- these decisions are rooted in precedent and discretion of judges; though possibly leading to a divergent from a cohesive voice, the philosophical concept benefits society overall. Integrity has its roots in the communities morals. It stretches, then, to the adjudicative process exercised by judges. This theory does well for establishing a more cohesive identity of the community and its laws. By expressing concerns of the gaps found in this theory, Dworkin quickly mends this possible fault though a well reasoned argument. The concept of integrity should first be …show more content…
For example, murder was a morally wrong choice, and then made into law. It was then a judges job to decide how to proceed with the case, and by using the history of similar cases, he would be able to keep the original meaning of why and how the law should be acted upon; having judicial history to both justify and use as a means of interpretation. The community will go through changes, and with it their concept of morals. In some cases past actions will become less or more strictly frowned upon. In such things like murder the community now requires a more stricter sensing while keeping the life of the accused, differing from past ideas of punishment. To follow this evolution Dworkin uses the notion of ‘chain novel,’ where the example is that a single novel with a single out come is made possible by various writers who pick up where one left

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