Integrative Reflection Paper : Integrative

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Integrative Reflection Paper
Life is a journey, an experience, an opportunity. It might not always make sense, but it sure has a way of working things out. My life, as it were, began in April 1996 in the city of Richmond, Virginia. Although born in the Old Dominion state, I was raised in sunny southwest Florida for the majority of my life. I have the privilege of calling the town of Lehigh Acres my home. My mother, father, sister, and brother live together in our little house on a dead-end street. If that sounds secluded, it is worth noting that I only lived about a ten-minute walk away from my high school (close enough to hear the sounds and cheers of Friday night football games as a young child). It was an interesting town and always seemed to be bustling, but our street was relatively peaceful and quiet. We had a few neighbors, but new ones would move in and old ones would move out. In fact, our family has lived on that street longer than anyone else has. We never interacted with our neighbors too much, but neither did they interact much among themselves. My friends might not have lived within walking distance, but they visited often when we were not in school. It was a perfect little town to grow up in, an ideal setting for my childhood. I shared this life with my mother, father, sister, and brother. For the most part, we tried to stay close as a family. There were times when my father would have to leave to find work so that he could provide for us, and…

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