Integrative Reflection On Jennifer House Essay

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Integrative Reflection on Jennifer House
For the “Introduction to Social Work” course, our class visited Jennifer House in order gain a better understanding about the field of social work. At our class visit to Jennifer House Dellenna Harper, the director and social worker of the house, discussed her major responsibilities, challenges, and rewards that she endures in her profession. From this listening to Ms. Harper’s, she has shared excellent insight to this aspect of the profession.
Major Responsibilities, Challenges, and Rewards
At Jennifer House, the program offers various services to assist women through the transition from living in penal institutions to living a life on their own. Jennifer House provides many services for their women including housing, food, transportation, clothing, education, and daycare. More specifically, Ms. Harper and the other staff work collaboratively with the women to organize and facilitate different programs that would benefit the women (10 (b) i.). One of Ms. Harper’s responsibilities involves “advocate[ing] for client access to the services of social work” (2.1.1 (a)). She connects women to chemical dependency, mental health, and Dr’s, if the women experienced or are addicted to drugs. (D. Harper, personal communications, March 2, 2016). Mr. Harper and the staff also invite agencies to educate their women about sex, budgeting, parenting, and a nutritionist also teaches the women about a healthy dieting habits (D. Harper, personal…

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