Integrative Negotiation And Distributive Negotiation Essay

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There are two key methods for negotiations, integrative negotiation and distributive negotiation. They are both very useful in specific contexts and in what goal you are look for to achieve. (Thompson, 2011)

The first key method for negotiations is the integrative negotiation strategy.

An integrative negotiation is when the two negotiators cooperate in order to produce a greater outcome together than any of the parties would probably reach on its own. The integrative negotiation strategy is usually used when the parties have a relationship or would like to create one. Both parties wants to walk away feeling they have achieved something from the negotiation. This style is common between companies as they can gain better outcome together with this long term relationship. However, in the business world, the better outcome usually tilts more towards one party than the other because it is almost impossible to walk away with the exact same greater outcome from the negotiation. Although, both parties gets a win-win from the negotiation. (Small Business -, 2015)

When using this negotiation strategy, you need to know your priorities, and also make a guess what the other parties priorities are as well. Share the information with each other so it becomes easier to find a solution that both parties are satisfied with.
(Small Business -, 2015)

The other key method for negotiations is the distributive negotiation strategy.

Distributive negotiation, also called…

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