Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Essay

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4-MAT Review
Anita Cox
Liberty University
COUN 506 Integration of Psychology and Theology
September 7, 2012 Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
David N. Entwistle
Cascade Books, 2010
Just as the title describes, Entwistle explains within the book the attempts and varied approaches of integrating both psychology and Christianity, two entities which seem to have been at odds with each other since the time of Galileo. By explaining key historical conflicts, such as instances of friction between religion and science, readers are able to understand how psychology and Christianity are intertwined, and how the same principles that hold them together also seek to push them apart. As said best by Entwistle,
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I had just graduated high school and was anxiously approaching the start of my first semester in college the following August. Everyone else in the household was at work, while I was enjoying my summer vacation. It was still early in the morning and my great-grandmother had decided to lay down for an early nap. At this point in her life she needed help remembering when to take her medications so I went to her bedroom to wake her up. Upon entering her bedroom I did not notice anything out of the ordinary, but as I nudged her and called her name I became more frantic as the realization of my worst fears came to fruition, that no matter what I did she would never wake up again.
One of the first questions that came to mind was, “Why God?” Then, “Why me?” soon followed. But as a Christian, I understood that God has a plan for all of us. When I was able to see through my grief I knew that her suffering on Earth was over and she was in her heavenly home. However, this event solidified in my mind the concept that we are mortals and our days on Earth are numbered. In some way I feel this event helped shape my decision to help others.
In reading this book, some questions come to mind. While discussing the history and innate differences between psychology and Christianity why did Entwistle not find it relevant to discuss the ways the two had been integrated in the past? Relevant to the history of both are the few people through history that have used both

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