Integrating My Behavior Towards My Life Goals Essay

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Optimizing my behavior towards my life’s goals.

Improving ourselves is the hardest work I think that we can have in life. As a student, my performance has been very weak when it comes to demonstrate it on scores. I truly believe that I am able to pass successfully my courses, but sadly so far I have failed. There are certain changes that I need to make to ensure greater success in my future terms. My changes would be improvement on dedication skills for my studies; well time management of my activities and being more productive.

As I considered the improvement of my dedication studying skills, I believe it is based in three things: completing, practicing and reviewing every subject that has been already taught. First of all, since, I started studying out of my country, Venezuela; I have got to know what handouts are. Eventually, when we are students here in the United States, our professors give us important information from the course or activity, through a white paper professionally typed. Throughout the course, we are given several of them to complete assigned activities. For example, once we have finished the class, for homework we have a handout, in which it is required to identify if the sentence structure is appropriate or not. Completing this handout helps us to remind us of what we have practiced in class. Also, one new thing that I have got to learn is that practicing after class exercises similar to those shown in class; is an effective way for improvements.…

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