Essay on Integrating Literacy Into Other School Subjects

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I have had a hard time so far in this class. I understand the terms in class, but the language of the articles is over my head sometimes. I finish an article asking what the point of it was or what I learned and I have no answer. I spend the whole time focused on the article and get little out of it. It is not that I do not understand the concepts or need for integrating literacy into subjects. The articles are speaking over my head. I have a hard time finishing one article much less three or four.
Aside from having trouble with the articles, I have no other problem with the course. In some prior courses, they stressed the importance of integrating literacy into other school subjects. It is needed, and even expected in most places. For me, it is understood that literacy should be done, and thus will be done by me. I do not really have any pros or cons on anything we have talked about. I know what content area literacy is for the most part. I understand the basic terms. I do not have any strong views on the topic.
As teachers, we should be careful about how we chose texts for our students. If we are not careful to preview a text before we include it in our library or even a text set to be used, there are many issues that can arise. The text could have words or phrases that are not appropriate for our grade. There could be problems with the graphics in a text, not to mention the possibility that a text could be on the banned book list. In previous classes, we have had some…

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