Essay on Integrating Culture & Diversity in Decision Making

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Integrating Culture & Diversity in Decision Making
Dr. Steven L. Davis
Bus 520-Leading & Organizational Behavior

Integrating Culture & Diversity in Decision Making
Southwest Airlines was created and founded in 1971 by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King. The organization was created to target busy markets and provide frequent, low cost transportation that were less than five hundred miles apart. Today, they are one of America’s largest airline companies that deliver great service at a relative low price. In addition to providing excellent service at a competitive pricing, Southwest Airlines believes in an amazing corporate culture that extends to the communities it serves.
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Southwest airlines demonstrate these two functions by refining its vision and purpose despite posting 40 consecutive years of profitability (OB, 2014).
Leadership and Organizational Culture
Gary Kelly’s is known as a very empathetic and charismatic leader that earned him respect throughout the industry resulting in a profit for many years. The organizational culture is based on several core values. The values are do well for others, have fun and make a difference, focus on the customer, and hire the right people. The culture emphasizes “bring your personality and sense of humor to work” (Gallo, 2014).
External Environmental Impact and Organizational Culture Southwest face many external factors that influence the way they run their business. During an economic downturn, Southwest’s position will continue to put pressure on their competitors and industry environments. Southwest is the leader of all of the airlines in the United States for its ability to attract customers based not only on its low-fares and exceptional service, but also on its ability to change and evolve as it needs to (Gallo, 2014).
To conclude, the image of Southwest culture is good times, and great fun. They have become the biggest airline company because every individual employee has the sense of purpose and being a champion of change. They quickly recognize situations where change is needed. Employees understand the organization’s vision and objectives so that they can

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