Integrated Teaching Through The Arts Essay

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I am applying to the Integrated Teaching Through the Arts M.Ed. program. I currently work in arts education and have been searching for ways to connect my curriculum to core academic subjects. I believe that your program is suited to teach students to navigate this specific challenge. For me, one of the most exciting aspects of Lesley’s program is that it is structured in a way that will allow me to continue my work, and that I will be able to immediately apply my learning to my teaching and curriculum. The ability to remain a part of my community has been an important factor in choosing a graduate program. I am heavily invested in building up my city as a beacon for arts-integrated education, and look forward to receiving my education in a place that shares my goals and values. For the past three years, I have worked in theatre education in Providence, Rhode Island. I began my career with a full-time internship at Trinity Repertory Company, working in the Education department. I was a lead teaching artist for after-school acting classes and had the opportunity to create study guides for each show in the theatre’s season. What I truly came to love about the position, however, was the opportunity to teach in-school workshops and residencies around the state. My projects included two separate extended residencies in English classes where I helped students stage Othello, several sessions in a Spanish classroom to work on dialogue and to bring the work of Jorge Luis Borges to…

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