Reflective Essay On Integrated Lessons

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1. What were your concerns prior to teaching your Integrated Lesson?
I had many worries that came with this integrated lesson, but I would have to say my biggest concern was that I was going to have a hard time controlling the volume during this activity. The activity was very interactive and involved a price for the winning team. I thought this might cause some tension and craziness but it ended up going just fine and the children were very cooperative!
2. How did you plan on addressing these concerns?
I have many ways of controlling volume that I use with my class. The first way I planned on addressing this concern was simply by raising my voice above theirs and saying “If you can hear
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I could have been more prepared and brought a marker with me. I thought this particular empty classroom would have them, but I found out very quickly that they did not. I ran over to the neighboring teacher and borrowed one from her, and it ended up not really being a problem. But for the future, I would like to be a little more prepared with materials.
5. In your eyes, how did the lesson go? What were two positive aspects of the lesson? What is one aspect of the lesson you would change or modify?
I thought the lesson went extremely well. I think the students enjoyed it, and we both had fun teaching the lesson and playing along with the activity! A positive aspect of this lesson was that we got to see the student’s strengths in mathematics and PE at the same time. Another positive aspect was that the children enjoyed playing against their classmates. The modification I would make for this lesson would have been to have it outside but it was extremely hot that afternoon and I felt as though the space was limited. We made it work and I’m glad the children had a blast!
6. How did your students react to academic content being integrated with physical

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