Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan: Reposition Tsingtao beer in UK

Executive summary

Tsingtao beer is the largest beer brewery in Asia, and always insists a philosophy of producing best beer. It is one of the best-selling beers in China, and till now has been sold to more than 70 countries. Beer market of the world develops very fast and the competition is very intensive, and market competition level is more and more higher, brand is gradually substituting price competition and product competition and becomes the most vigorous and differentiated competitive method. Tsingtao beer’s globalized brand image needs reorganization from British consumers, and its brand influence also needs to be expanded.

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However, most of its consumers are overseas Chinese, accounting for 64.3%. Generally speaking, consumers of Tsingtao beer choose to purchase and drink in Chinese restaurants and bars, and think Tsingtao beer is reasonably priced, and consumers of Tsingtao beer are good at making friends and like to chat and drink beer with friends. At the same time, these consumers are very confident with the future of Tsingtao beer, and British consumers’ understanding of Tsingtao beer comes from advertisement and friends’ introduction, and believe that advertisement has comparatively large influence. (Xiejing Yan, He Yun, Huang Kui, 2008, 09)

Promotional objectives and repositioning

Market objective
To reshape Tsingtao beer’s brand image, highlight Tsingtao beer’s unique value, build unique and long term status for the brand, truly make British people to widely know this brand, and improve Tsingtao beer’s awareness and market share. In the coming three years, to successfully launch dedicated beer and black beer of this brand, and steadily rank No.1 in sales in almost 100% Chinese restaurants and Chinese supermarkets in British market, improve market share of Tsingtao beer from 8% to 12%. Improve consumers’ awareness of Tsingtao beer from 75% to 85%.

After long time of investigation

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