Integrated Marketing Communication Plan on Maruti Suzuki Swift

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* Topic: * Integrated Marketing Communication Plan on Maruti Suzuki Swift * Introduction:
The king of hatchback segment in India named Swift with a label of leading four-wheeler passenger car since the beginning of their manufacturing come underneath the heading of most trusted company namely Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. The company commenced in 1983 with the undertaking to motorize India, since then they never looked back and grew progressively to the leading company in the hatchback segment. The company is an ancillary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan with a 47% market share in passenger car in India and sales over 1.13 million cars sold in domestic market yearly in the year 2012 as well as exports more than 50,000 cars (Maruti
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* Objectives:
The motive behind the ad campaigns of the Maruti Swift is to create product awareness amongst the consumers so that they can easily identify the product. Where as on the other side target the large segment of the audience whilst providing the information about the product, generates relationship with audience and widens brand preference as well as act as a foundation of setting up a consumer mind with the intention of buying the product. * Budget:
Budget determines the resources indispensable for the advertisement campaign. Maruti Swift has given a great importance to this segment as the sales are highly dependent on how well advertising as well as promotion has been done (Rediff Business, 2005). According to the data they have been consistently escalating their budget for the promotion of Maruti Swift from the financial year 2009 to 2012. In the year 2009 they have spend Rs 12.65 Crores for advertising the Maruti Swift, which have escalated from the year 2010 to 2012 to Rs.26.68 Crores, Rs. 57.94 Crores, Rs. 72.68 Crores respectively. In terms of the advertising conduit of allotment, they spend 40% of their total budget in Newspaper advertisements whereas 30% in Television, 15% in Magazines, 10% in Internet and 5% in hoardings consecutively in the above mentioned years (Maruti Suzuki, 2012).

Strategy and Tactics:
The strategies that have been used by the Maruti Swift in order to boost

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