Essay on Integrated Marketing Commuications of Emirate Airline

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Learning Outcomes | | * To understand the nature, scope and role of marketing in organisations; * To be able to identify and discuss the key issues that marketers face as they make decisions; * To understand and discuss the key concepts and theories that inform marketing decisions; * To identify and analyse marketing problems and plan appropriate courses of action; * To apply marketing theory in different organisational contexts; * To express ideas and findings and proposals both verbally and in writing.

Task | | Picton and Broderick define integrated marketing communications as

A process which involves the management and organisation of all agents in the analysis, planning, implementation and control
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* No more than 50% of references may be from the internet. * All supporting material should be included in ONE SINGLE file.

Assignment Detail | | 1. The theory:
Use one or more theories to support your standpoint. The theories used should be applied to practical situations.

2. The structure:
Flexible. You can describe the theory you intend to use to support your standpoint, and then use practical situations to reinforce your work. There is no fix order to structure this assignment.

3. The link between theory and cases:
Remember to relate the two together sufficiently! You need to relate the theory to evidence in your assessment. The evidence needs to be specific. Don’t use generalised and anecdotal evidence.

4. Use of literature:
Use academic source, i.e. books, journal articles etc. A minimum of 10 referenced academic sources is required. Do not over use Internet sources (50% maximum). Academic journals can be good resources of industrial cases which may give you some good ideas about the situations. You are required to have proper in-text reference and the reference list in the end using the Harvard Referencing System.

5. The writing:
Try to approach this assignment in a logical and systematic way. Produce a plan of the report before you start.

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