Integrated Initiation And Planning Discussion Essay examples

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Integrated Initiation and Planning Discussion
A project may only be successful when the Project Manager can efficiently assimilate the process that allows the project to run its course with ease, ensuing in the combination of organizations, which in return assist the Project Managers and team members by keeping the project on track. Not to mention the importance of communication that is involved with all the contributors that have many important roles and tasks relating to the project itself. It is important to be persistent. As a Project Manager, it is important to know as soon as there is a slip or gain in schedule. Any unanticipated incidents would be easily acknowledged with an effective integration plan to ensure that the project stays on schedule. Lastly it is crucial to keep all documentation of the entire process.

Project Integration Management
Project Integration Management helps to ensure that each project is managed in a unified and consolidated way by exploding the project portfolio into smaller pieces to manage the intricate parts of the project to address issues as they arise and make decisions based on requests from stakeholders and events as they present themselves. The project manager looks at all the pieces of the project as one and utilizes Integration Management to help her zoom in and out of a project. The pieces of the project work together and having the experience and knowledge, not just book knowledge will help to set the project manager up for…

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