Health Professional Reflection

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The field of health can be compared to an arena wherein various team members with different strengths join efforts towards a common greater goal- the well-being of the patient in all facets. Thus, it is the dynamics and ‘demographics’ of the team which yields progress; or as Hippocrates (460 BC) stated, “Forces within us are the true healers of disease.” Consequently, by reflecting on my visits to health centres and the teams of professionals that I was exposed to; an improved understanding of the multi-professional team as well as my future role herein as an emerging Integrated Health Professional (IHP) can be obtained.
Progress, as mentioned above, stems from the existence of a multi-professional team. This refers to a group of qualified
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In other words, it is the manner in which my future role as a clinician is different to that of the psychologist or administrator; yet at the same time this difference enhances the roles of these professions. An example of this includes one of my roles being centred around prescribing medication. This role impacts that of the psychologist as medication can impact emotional state of the patient. Similarly, the prescribed medication that is recorded in the file of the patient that is handled by the administrator (Barr, …show more content…
Hearing this led me to think of my future qualification as a medical doctor being threatened and to a certain extent worthless. These thoughts evoked feelings of worry and insignificance. I also observed the ‘demographics’ of the multi-professional team which consisted of a medical doctor and the absence of many other professionals such as administrators or psychologists. This observation led me to think of how some members of the multi-professional team are predisposed to situations which are beyond their scope of expertise. Consequently, this led me to the think of the working world being a space which is not compartmentalised into respective professions. This led me to feel scared and somewhat insecure in terms of what I was studying to become as I did not envision myself having such a broad multi-professional knowledge base. Similarly, visiting the various care facilities and being exposed to a patient with diabetes mellitus and various other medical complications made me aware of the fact that the real world is much different or dynamic in contrast to the theoretical ‘textbook world’ that I have been exposed to. Consequently, I felt surprised and quite fascinated

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