The Importance Of Communication In Special Education

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Many people take for granted their ability to communicate. From the moment we get up to the time we put our heads back on the pillow we are constantly communicating to those around us. In special education class rooms there are several proficient ways of communication. The children have different ways of communicating with the teacher and vice versa. I am going to talk about the different approaches as a teacher you can make to improve the quality of the way you communicate with the children in your special education classroom. Being in a special education classroom all thought out my high school senior year I was able to see different ways the teacher and aids were communicating with the children. When working with children with autism and other special needs, it is important to remember all the different ways that we communicate effectively throughout our day. Our communication skills build and maintain relationships and help us meet our wants and needs. Therefore, we should apply the same idea when thinking about our students and their communication needs. By broadening our idea of effective communication from just “speech” to any means that …show more content…
Ongoing assessment is necessary to make sure this occurs. In addition, all students that have high tech devices should also have low tech back-ups to use when their device is being programmed or being repaired. So the time spent early in the student’s programming teaching them to exchange pictures and use a low tech system will not be in vain, even if they get a high tech device. We always work towards a student gaining verbal speech. However, in the end, having a functional means of communication that is effective and efficient across people and environments will have a bigger impact on their participation in their world. Effective communication, regardless of modality is

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