Intake Form Critique: An Evaluation Of The Intake Model

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Intake Form Critique I chose to critique the intake form that is utilized at my current job Third Way Center, as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of my agency’s intake process. Third Way Center is a treatment facility for at-risk youth who experience mental illness, homelessness or have undergone trauma. My position as a mental health counselor does not require me to conduct intake interviews with my clients, so I am very curious about the intake process. Usually it is the responsibility of a therapist to complete the intake process. For that reason, I feel it would be beneficial for me to assess the intake interview form and gain an understanding of my agency’s intake style.
Assessment of Presenting Problems After a thorough
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Although we have lot of diverse clients come through our facility, I have not experienced a client who does not speak the English language. Most of the times there is only a language barrier between the family and staff. This causes me to believe that having a Spanish version of the intake interview form would be beneficial to our client. However, Third Way center has a diverse group of staff members, and we have been known to utilize staff members who speak more than one language for our clients. Third Way center also uses translators in warranted situations.
It is in my judgement that the spacing for the answers on the intake sheet was appropriate. I found this to be true because the questions themselves did not ask for too much detail. If I could provide more space for anything, I would allow more space for the address on the first page. I also think it would be helpful to ask for more details on each topic at hand. For example, I think there could be more information on offense specific history or what specific types of substances the client chose to abuse.
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The beginning of the intake form is gathering vital stats and family information. The form then moves into basic information like insurance and caseworker contact information. The end of the intake form is concerned with medical information, diagnoses, and school. If I had one critique I would suggest that the diagnoses and substance abuse questions be moved up with the medical questions. I think it would make sense to have these go after relevant medical history. Other than these details, I think the flow of the intake form is

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