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INT1 Task 3
The Popcorn Experiment
Skye McDonald-George

Project Plan and Problem Statement
In this project I will be testing whether or not popcorn yields a higher percentage of popped kernels when frozen. This is relevant because most people would like to get the best value out of items they purchased and this may demonstrate one way to do that. I will be freezing multiple bags of popcorn and then popping both frozen and unfrozen bags in the microwave. Finally I will count the popped and unpopped kernels to determine the percentages for both variables and if there is a difference.
Literature Review
Through my research I did not find any other experiments like my own. I did, however, find two other popcorn experiments that helped
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12. Remove first bag of frozen popcorn from freezer. 13. Repeat steps 3-10. 14. Remove second bag of popcorn from freezer. 15. Repeat steps 3-10 16. Remove third bag from freezer. 17. Repeat steps 3-10. 18. Add percentages for all three bags of room temperature popcorn. 19. Divide result by three to find average. 20. Add percentages for all three bags of frozen popcorn. 21. Divide result by three to find average. 22. Compare averages.
The reason I am using this experimental plan is that it makes the most sense to me and has been proven successful in previous experiments. It is also easy to replicate.
The dependent variable is the amount of unpopped kernels. Independent:
The independent variable is the temperature of the popcorn, frozen or room temperature.
Using the same brand popcorn on the same day, keeping the frozen popcorn frozen until time of use, microwaving for the same amount of time
Threat Reduction to Internal Validity
The steps I am taking to prevent threat reduction to internal validity are as follows. I will use the same brand and flavor popcorn throughout the entire process. I will also pop all popcorn on the same day to prevent environment from factoring into the equation. Finally, I will leave frozen popcorn in the freezer until it is time to pop to prevent it from thawing.
It is my

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