Int1 Task 3 Essays

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INT Task 3

Does Salt make Ice melt Faster?

Project Plan
Salt is known to be used on icy roads in certain areas of the country in the winter season to help clear roadways to make them safer for travel. Salt causes a reaction that lowers the freezing point of water. In this experiment we will test this method of applying salt to ice to see if for certain this is true, and how much faster the salt melts if so. In this experiment, the Independent Variable will be adding Salt to the ice and the Dependent variable will be the time it takes the ice to melt.
The Plan is to use two ice cubes in separate containers, and add ice to only one of these. Each will be timed and observed for the duration it takes both to melt, and data will be
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The Independent variable is the Ice, both cubes are the same size. The three controlled variables are: The size of Ice cubes, the temperature of the room at 70 degrees, and the amount of salt added (1/2 tsp).
Threat Reduction to Internal Validity
To reduce problems with Validity in this experiment, I kept the two ice cubes in their own container separated. This way the Ice cubes are only effected by what is added to them specifically, and there is no chance of contamination by the additives (salt). Also the Ice cubes were placed on the same even and flat surface in the same room with a thermostat temperature of 68 degrees.
I predict the Ice Cube (with added salt) will melt faster than Ice Cube (without added salt). I believe this because Salt has been previously proven to melt ice faster on roadways in the winter. Process of Data Collection
At various points throughout the experiment the time was noted on the stopwatch, and the percentage of the ice that had melted to that point was recorded. This was calculated by the decrease in size of the ice cube as it melted versus a whole frozen ice cube of the same size. This data was noted until each Ice cube was 100% melted, as follows in the data chart below:

Minutes Elapsed | Ice Cube (no salt) | Ice Cube (Salt Added) | 0 | 0% | 0% | | 5 | 5% | 20% | | 15 | 25% | 70% | | 25 | 70% | 85% | | 35 | 85% | 100% | | 40 | 100% | 100% | |

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