Int Task 3-Toilet Paper Experiment

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INT Task 3: Toilet Paper Absorbency Project Design Plan Problem Statement: Absorbency of toilet paper is found in many aspects when it comes to choosing the right toilet paper. When choosing toilet paper people base their decisions on many factors. Those factors include price, name brand, availability, quantity for the price, and even media deliverance (i.e. commercials) of toilet paper. Although these factors are of key importance, what about the absorbency of toilet paper? This experiment is conducted in the hopes of showing three different levels of absorbency. Testable Question: How does the saturation of three different brands of toilet paper compare? Literature Review: Based off two previous scientific experiments that were found, …show more content…
Unfortunately the White Cloud brand would rip and tear easily and the 2-ply sheets came apart from each other, which was not an issue present with the Charmin and Local Store Brand toilet papers’. **In terms of saturation for this experiment it is defined as the amount of sheets that will show visible green water. Unsaturated will be where there is no green water present. This will then be recorded and later shown in pie charts.** Upon setting up the experiment as shown above measurements of each toilet paper stack were taken. The measurements are as follows: Charmin: 1/2in. tall White Cloud: 1/4in. tall Local Store Brand: 3/4in. tall After setting up and taking measurements the experiment was ready to begin. The first test was with 15 sheets of each brand of toilet paper which was saturated with 3mL of green dyed water. Testing allowed saturation to occur over a time frame of 15 seconds with use of a timer. The results are as follows: Charmin: No water or saturation present on the bottom of the stack. Ten sheets where fully saturated (completely wet) and five sheets were unsaturated (completely dry). This was measured by counting the saturated and unsaturated sheets. White Cloud: Although no water was present on the saran wrap, there was significant saturation on the bottom of the stack. No visible water

to measure. Thirteen sheets were saturated

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