Insurgency The New Foundation Of Warfare For The Adf? Essay example

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Insurgency/ Counter-Insurgency the new foundation of warfare for the ADF?
By Captain G.L. Dunthorne, School of Infantry

“Know your enemy”, Sun Tzu


Large scale conflict between two or more like adversaries could still occur in the current global climate. There is no doubt of this. Recent events in the Ukraine have proven that ambition for the sovereign expansion of states still exists. If we, the ADF, were to meet such a force in open battle, how would we fair? The political and social avoidance of casualties in recent conflicts would become null and void in a near peer conflict. The scale of casualties that would be suffered by both sides of such a conflict would be massive. For an Army the size of ours, could we even compete on the scale of Russia without the assistance of the US? I would argue no.

Irregular, unconventional warfare is quite difficult for modern Armies to plan against. This has been proven time and time again. If there is a lack of understanding of the enemy, your analysis will fail. To fully understand the enemy that you are facing analysis is required of not only their current TTPs, but also their culture and history. This will provide a greater understanding of who you are facing and their likely goals or actions. The US failed to do this during Operation “Restore Hope” (Somalia 1992) with resulted in a strategic defeat at the hands of ill-equipped, loosely aligned militia in Mogadishu.
Eastern vs Western Warfare
There is a difference.…

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