Insurance Sales Manager Career

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Just because a life insurance sales manager can sell, does not mean he should become an insurance sales manager. Being promoted to the position of an office career insurance sales manager, results in an unusual evolution occurring.

At the point of becoming an insurance sales manager, his brain is erased of compassion, understanding, and concern. Now it is reprogrammed to focus in on the large amount of money created by overrides off his agents. In addition, he is compensated with a base salary. First objective of his is to build up at least a baker's dozen of new agents.

A career insurance sales manager is presumed to be a commander. Carefully tutoring and guiding his recruits through obstacles, making sure none fall by the wayside. NOT
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Plus, your training will be minimal, your leads sub par, and your presentations too few. Your chances of success are slim to none. Your sales manager is hoping you stay on long enough to sell lots of family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Whenever you do see him, he is going to be on your back like a drill sergeant. Criticizing you for not obtaining enough leads, doing enough presentations, and for not selling fat premium cases.

The fault entirely lies on the entire agency management.. With what you assistance you have been provided its sheer fate you are still selling life insurance. In the meantime your manager has hired 6 agents to replace the six agents that have already left. All their policy holders are surrendered to the company to collect premiums and renewals for years to come. Right now your sales manager is in his office behind closed doors interviewing a candidate. This candidate could very well be your replacement.

FIRE YOU INSURANCE SALES MANAGER Telling him he is a brainwashed useless trainer might be true, but it does no good. Iit is his company dedication to making promises and delivering none, which ruins many good people's careers. Don't worry though; there is a 9 out of 10 chance he won't be selling life insurance before 4 years are up. Sales managers hired too early will also fall by the wayside. You pay the cost when your manager thinks he is capable of being your

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