Insurance Fraud And The Insurance Scheme Essay

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All over the United States, people file for insurance. People can file for many types of insurance policies and file many claims- whether it be health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and renter’s insurance. What most people do not understand is who commits insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can be committed by the claimant, the consumer, and the insurance company.
What is insurance fraud though? In most cases, it is industry insiders, and loosely organized networks of bad medical professionals and attorneys who use their knowledge to ignore anti-fraud measures put in place by insurance companies (“A $30-Billion-a-Year Racket”). That’s not all who can and will commit insurance fraud, dishonest policyholders can also do it.
An insurance fraud investigator analyzes and investigates fraud in all types of insurance. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS,, this career does not require formal education beyond a high school diploma, but insurance companies often seek investigators with training in law enforcement, private investigation, or insurance claims. (“” ). Many companies are hiring individuals who have had previous work relevant to this occupation, and would rather hire an individual who is licensed. Other educational options to help prepare for this career include certificate programs in private investigation and degree programs in criminal justice or insurance studies.
An insurance investigator typically carries out an…

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