Insulin And The Body Under The Skin Essay

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Insulin is usually injected into the body under the skin. One treatment option for diabetics is to deliver insulin using a needle and syringe to draw up and inject insulin under the skin. The needle must be injected at the correct angle because if the needle is injected too shallowly it deposits insulin in the skin, which is painful and prevents the body from absorbing the insulin, id it is injected too deeply it could deliver insulin to the muscle, where it is absorbed quickly. The best angle for insulin injecting depends on a person’s body type, site of injection and the length of the needle. An alternative to needle syringes are insulin pen injectors which may be more convenient to carry and use when away from home. Most insulin pens are about the size of a large writing pen, and contain a disposable insulin cartridge and needle. Some types of insulin and some insulin mixtures are not available in cartridges, which means that pens may not be an option for everyone. However, pens are especially useful for accurately injecting very small doses of insulin. Another treatment option to deliver insulin in the body is using an insulin pump. A rapid acting insulin can be continuously administered by insulin pump. The pump is worn externally and is attached to the body with long, thin, flexible plastic tubing that has a needle or soft cannula. The needle or the cannula is inserted and then left in place beneath the skin. The pump is programmed to give a small dose of…

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