Instructions And Objectives Of A Study Guide For Students

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The directions and objectives for my lesson were simple and were clearly explained to the students. The students are already familiar with this style of instruction, because my mentor teacher uses it quite often. The students were instructed to locate and record their answer to the guided reading question in the packet I provided them with. The materials the students needed were the packet, their textbook, and a writing utensil. My mentor teacher does not make study guides for the students but instead does section reviews on the main ideas. The summative chapter test is based off these section reviews. The students use these review packets as the study guides. Therefore, they do not need to create a study guide, because they have been creating it in class as they move along through the chapter. I created the questions for chapter 5 section 1 in the textbook …show more content…
I was walking around and assisting students the entire time they were working silently and independently. I had to tell one student to get his book out and begin working which was no big deal when the other 22 students are silently working and on task. This worked because it is a routine they already know. They know what to expect in regards of the quantity and type of questions in the packet. One thing I would change is do a follow up discussion at the end and have students explain themes, events, or people mentioned in the chapter section. Teaching on a half day is difficult because the focus is almost nonexistent. My classroom management during this lesson was very successful. I remained assertive and was walking around making sure the students knew that I was there which helped keep them on task. There was no chatter until the last 5 minutes of class but I did not mind because it was a half day and I figured it was a battle I wasn’t going to fight. I told them all that I was proud of them for their focus for the duration of

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