Instructional Technology Program At Kennesaw State University

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As a student in the Instructional Technology program at Kennesaw State University, I have been required to complete several self-reflections in order to evaluate and reflect upon my professional practice and dispositions. By completing these self-reflections, I have been able to improve and strengthen my ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences. In the ITEC 7460 Professional Learning and Technology Innovation course, I was required to keep a Coaching Journal in which I kept a journal of what I had learned and discussed the challenges that I faced. In my ITEC 7430 Internet Tools in the Classroom course, I regularly updated my Weebly Blog by completing several self-reflections, on various digital tools and resources and my ability to implement them. By completing these self-reflections, I was able to take an active role in my learning by using these self-reflections as tools for self-correction and self-assessment. Self-reflection can help learners take an active role in their learning by assisting them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and reflecting upon their performance (Educational Broadcasting Corporation, 2004; Liu and Carless, 2006). As I completed each of my courses, I was required to reflect upon on how each of these courses encouraged me to grow as a student and as a future technology coach. With each reflection, I was able to reflect on what I had learned regarding technology integration and make…

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