Instructional Procedures : Using The System Of Most Essay

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Instructional Procedures:
Using the system of most-to-least prompts for each step in the task analysis beginning after Cindy checks her schedule. Wait 5 seconds between prompts.
1. Tell Cindy what step in the task analysis she is to complete (Say, “Red.”).
2. Verbal prompt, “What color?”
3. Gesture by pointing to the materials on the table (Point to a red apple).
4. No prompt.
Reinforcement: Use a first/then schedule allowing Cindy to select her preferred activity prior to beginning the task.
Plan Implementation:
Prior to beginning instruction, I selected six colors to teach Cindy. Then, I created picture/word cards for each color. Next, I selected two items for each color and placed them in a task bin. Last, I created a data sheet to record the student’s responses. I decided that a “+” would indicate a correct response, a “-” would indicate that no response was provided, and a “/” would indicate an incorrect response.
Areas Assessed:
For the Instructional Program, the areas I chose to assess were language, attention, and memory. I chose to assess language to determine Cindy’s expressive language limitations. The next area I chose to assess was attention because it is important for the student to persevere and concentrate long enough to complete the assessment. The final area I assessed was memory as the student must recall earlier experiences and learning, as well as retrieve information on request.
Description of Assessment:
On September 28, 2016, I began to…

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