Instructional Practices Of Teaching As A Science

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Register to read the introduction… 63). This methodic approach is scientific. The science of teaching focuses on the experimental aspect of teaching, facts, and cause and effect. In good teaching it is important to have a variety of instructional practices displayed by the teacher to students. It is somewhat similar to flexibility. According to William, C. (2007) instructional practices refer to those curriculum related, professionally- informed decisions that teachers purposefully enact to enhance learning opportunities for students. Effective instructional practices of the teachers in the classroom should extend to different ranges of skills and methods. It is very important that a variety of practices be used. As earlier stated in the paper each child is different and so the teacher should teach in such a fashion as to reach out to each child through the use of various teaching strategies. Effective instructional practice is directly connected to the success of each student’s learning experience. The teacher should possess a good rapport with the students where they can all participate in being active members in the teacher-student learning experience. The teacher should be able to integrate the component of different instructional practices in the school …show more content…
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