Instructional Practices for Standards-Based Curriculum Essay

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Instructional Practices for Standards-Based Curriculum
Brandi R. Woods
Grand Canyon University
EDA 561 - Curriculum Development for School Improvement

October 24, 2010

Instructional Practices for Standards-Based Curriculum George W. Bush put into action the No Child Left Behind Act to ensure that all children were giving the right education and succeeding. With this, many states adopted a standard-based curriculum approach that required for all schools to have a state-wide test for accountability. This has definitely influenced and changed the teachings of many schools (Wiles & Bondi, 2007). With the standards-based curriculum being adopted by many states,
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Cooperative learning methods are used in elementary and secondary classrooms. The pattern of research findings supports the utility of cooperative learning methods in general for increasing student achievement, positive race relations in desegregated schools, mutual concerns among students, student self-esteem, and other positive outcomes. Cooperative learning has shown to be the number one instructional method used for high level learning (Slavin, 1980). A standard-based curriculum can be maintained but, at the same time, the needs of individual students can be met by the use of the above instructional practices. Teachers and administrators face enormous challenges to effectively prepare all students for a technological and global society. There is an ever-increasing diverse range of student abilities, as well as a multiplicity of intelligences, present in our schools. Each and every child has great capacity to learn when exposed to effective and relevant learning strategies. A standards-based curriculum only addresses what needs to be taught, not how to teach it. It may offer leveled instruction, however; it will not address the needs of all learners - that task is for the teacher. The curriculum covers the state standards and offers a medium in which to cover it. An example at one school is their reading programs (for PK - 2 especially) do not

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