Instructional Design: Capstone project Essay

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M. E. Vey ED5992-01 M. Medley, Ph.D. June 10, 2013
Executive Summary

The three-week introduction to instructional design (changed from two weeks) for the four department heads can be produced and taught in three months at a proposed cost of $40340 (or approximately 50808 less 20%). The technology includes the in-house learning management system along with audio/video (a/v) design beginning with a prototype. Based on this examination, this project can expand the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction at Ged’s World.
In General:
The goals examine the practical benefits and their effect on the stakeholders.
The strategies described are intended to advance the expectations
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Finally, the number of professionals requesting online education is growing, and as Valentine (2002) concludes, “the future of distance learning seems bright” (p. 53). The desire for knowledge and personal advancement opens opportunities because without differences in presentation and options for various platforms, some of our fine educators might fail. Course
The course would involve ten units with the intention of completing one unit every one or two days depending on the depth of the topic (as opposed to one per day). The content (below) would follow the general pattern developed by Smith and Regan (2005) for their “Instructional Design” textbook. However, it will be structured in the Unit-Module-Topic model (below) from which a clear and effective pattern emerges. Wherein, day one would cover an introduction and foundational information. Days two and three would cover learner context and analysis, etc. Each topic would be followed by exercises, and each unit would have a required assessment that must be successfully completed before the next unit can be accessed. Course Content (revision to” several weeks”=3)
Unit One: Day One Module One Introduction to Instructional Design (ID) Topic One: What is ID? Topic Two: The ID Process
Module Two: Foundations of ID Topic One: What is ID Theory Topic Two: Major Theories
Unit Two: Days Two and Three Module One: Learning Context
Topic One:

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