Instructional Design Analysis Essay

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Instructional Design Analysis
Linda Lee
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This analysis will analyze the process of instructional design. It will discuss the instructional design disciplines. There will be a discussion on instructional design and how it aligns with scientific methods. The ADDIE model will be detailed in this essay. The difference between instructional theory and learning theory will be compared and defined. The most important component of the instructional design process will be visited. The task that instructional designers perform will be discussed as well as the skills that he or she is required to possess. The conclusions drawn will be included.

Instructional Design Analysis The definition of Instructional Design
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Effective, efficient, and appealing learning of the desired outcome will not occur if the instructional environment does not include the strategies that are required for the attainment of the desired knowledge or skill. The instructional strategies such as the conditions of learning are verifiable by empirical tests. Instructional strategies are not arrived at by collaborative agreements among instructional designers they are discovered by careful scientific inquiry. The instructional design discipline is both discovery and invention combined. Instructional science is a division of instructional design where instructional strategies are discovered. Instructional science identifies variables to consider. Descriptive theory is the part of instructional science where variables and their relationships are identified, and empirical test on the relationships are done in the field or in a laboratory (Merrill, Barclay, & Van Schaak, n.d.). The first principles of instructional design include the task-centered approach. This is where learning takes place when learners actively take part in the task, which includes demonstration and application of the skills. In the activation principle, learning takes place when learners relate cognitive structures such as being asked to recollect, depict, or demonstrate prior experience or knowledge. When learners recollect a configuration for organizing the new knowledge activation is improved. In the demonstration

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